Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marketplace Issues Update

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
As e stated, we are tracking and in the process of resolving an interesting issue around Marketplace.  As a part of the work we did yesterday, there were some updates to the tools we use to load content onto the service, and there are some unexpected failures with those new tools that affect new content added to the service in the previous 12-24 hours leading up to the downtime.  That is the only issue of significance we are tracking at this time.

The feedback around issues on this forum has really helped – please keep the feedback coming. 

When the issue is resolved with the new pieces of content, and you are attempting to re-download, please be advised if it appears that you are being charged again, you aren’t.  You can click straight through the messages without being charged.  We have stepped through this ourselves, we know the experience is poor, and are working to see what we can do about it.

For those who offered critical feedback on our performance yesterday, and the fact that this marketplace content issue got by us, I understand and appreciate what you are saying.  Its our job to be flawless, and we clearly didn’t meet the bar yesterday.  I am incredibly proud of the teams for the work that was done, and how hard folks worked to get us where they did – I also appreciate that we work on a service with a demanding customer base; it is as it should be.  I love that part of it.  Please have faith that we are trying really really hard, and are making improvements as fast as we can.

If you are having any other issues, please post.  Thanks again.

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