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AppId is over the quota

Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Reaches 54%

New survey says Microsoft's Red Ring of Death contines to rise.

by Jim Reilly

August 17, 2009 - If your Xbox 360 hasn't broken down yet or suffered from the dreaded red ring of death, then consider yourself pretty lucky.

A new survey published in Game Informer's print edition indicates the Xbox 360 failure rate has climbed to a shocking 54.2%. The magazine surveyed nearly 5000 readers, asking them about their experience dealing with broken consoles.

Here are their findings:

  Console failure rate

  Xbox 360 – 54.2%

  Playstation 3 – 10.6%

  Wii – 6.8%

  Percentage of console owners who suffered a second hardware failure after the original repair.

  Xbox 360 – 41.2%

  Playstation 3 – 14.7%

  Wii – 11%

  Percentage of people who rate their customer service experience "very helpful"

  Nintendo – 56.1%

  Sony – 51.1%

  Microsoft – 37.7%

  Percentage of respondents whose friends have had console hardware failures.

  Xbox 360 – 69.9%

  Playstation 3 – 12.4%

  Wii – 6%

The magazine also makes a few notes about their results:

The reason the Wii has the lowest hardware failure rate could be because console is played the least of the three. 41.4% of Wii owners surveyed said they play the console less than one hour a day, meanwhile the majority of Xbox 360 (40.3%) and Playstation 3 (37%) owners say they play their console on an average of three to five hours day.

Also, only 3.8% of respondents said they'd never buy another Xbox system because of the failure rates.

How have your experiences been?

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