Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Here's a weird one for you

My son's friend just came around

with his profile on memory card

I was signed in as joystick 1

his friend signed in as joystick 2

and it was locked up for a few seconds signing in

an it either didnt sign in good

or someone pressed a button

anyway i had to sign back in

so did he

at this point i took the joysticks off them to make sure they didnt do anything wrong

this was all done at the xbox dashboard

it signed in just fine

i redownloaded 2 map packs from his history

onto my console

and started gears of war 2 up

he was showing as rank 1 instead of 49

my profile was fine showing as rank 18

if you pulled up the guide his gamerpicture was missing and score showed at 0

this happened a few times every time we tried

it even did it after going to avatar editor

i then signed him out and moved his profile to my hd

went to sign back in and there was 2 profiles for him

1 on hd

1 on mu

both profiles worked

and i deleted the one from my hd

and everything is working fine now

im unsure if this is related to something going on in the background due to the new update

im signed up for the beta but it hasnt gone live yet

just thaught i would let someone know

its the weirdest thing i have ever seen

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