Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update - The Speed of Light Edition

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
We’ve opened up the hood on Xbox LIVE and tinkered with how matchmaking works for Modern Warfare 2.  It’s not a dramatic change, and the majority of our users won’t see any difference – but a certain subset of you should be happier now.

When you search for a match, our servers sort through the many thousands of available matches to find the “best” potential games for you.  We’ve changed how we determine “best”, and your country is now an even more significant factor than it was before.  What does this mean to you?

As a gamer, you want to play in a lag-free game.  This means that you need to be playing with gamers who are “near you” on the Internet.  This is why games like MW2 ping potential matches to determine how close they are and reject them if they’re too far away.  If you live somewhere that’s geographically isolated – like Australia, for example – most of the world is not near you.  The speed of light just isn’t fast enough (that’s not something I get to say every day).

On behalf of that Australian gamer we’re now trying harder than ever to find a session in their country for them to join.  Of course, this requires there to be games hosted in Australia with open slots at the moment they’re looking – but we’ve maximized the odds of those gamers getting together.

While we can’t beat the speed of light (yet), we do think that these changes have made finding matches in MW2 a better experience.  If it's helped you out we'd love to hear it!

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Intermittent errors in Marketplace

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
We’re aware of intermittent errors in Marketplace that are affecting Xbox Live,, and Games for Windows.  You may run into one of a few different status codes including 80004004, 807B01F4, and 8015000a.  It may also show that you haven’t purchased content that you have – don’t worry, we haven’t lost your purchase even though it may appear so.

This can occur whether you’re searching Marketplace from the Dashboard or from within a game.

There’s a team of people actively working on the issue.  Our apologies for the hassle - we’ll get this resolved as soon as we can.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

…aaaaand we’re back!

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AppId is over the quota
Please consider us to have extended the usual “sorry this blog has been quiet for so long” apology.  We know that you’ve read many of them so we’re going to save you from having to read another one here and move on.

While we’ve been gone some pretty amazing things have happened around here.  While much of the world was vacationing between Christmas and New Year’s, you were playing on Xbox LIVE – at one point, more than 2.2 million of you at once!  That was an incredible sight to see.

As I type this we’re preparing for everything that 2010 is going to bring.  If you’re an Xbox LIVE customer you’re in for an great year.  We’ve already seen several excellent games this year, and soon you’ll be getting first crack at new content for Modern Warfare 2.  If you want to take a look at the lineup we’re calling the “Biggest Year in Xbox 360 Gaming History” you can find it here.  Not only do we have all of those amazing titles to look forward to, Project Natal will be hitting store shelves!

If you’re making the journey to PAX East, good for you – we’ll see you there!  A number of members of the Operations team will be in attendance including myself, Stepto, and MacheteBetty.  For the first time we’ll be recording an episode of Major Nelson Radio in front of a live studio audience, Stepto will be giving a talk on Enforcement on Xbox LIVE, and MacheteBetty will be talking about our efforts to make your life easier through @XboxSupport on Twitter.  We’re also looking to schedule a meet-up during the show – more news once we’ve got a location nailed down.

We’re going to be talking to you here more often – so set your RSS reader or follow me on Twitter for updates.

P.S.  While we’re discussing important things, my Gamerscore topped 40,000 yesterday.  That puts me… let me see… carry the one… WAY ahead of Derek and Shreddy.

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What we’ve been up to lately?

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Here's a weird one for you

My son's friend just came around

with his profile on memory card

I was signed in as joystick 1

his friend signed in as joystick 2

and it was locked up for a few seconds signing in

an it either didnt sign in good

or someone pressed a button

anyway i had to sign back in

so did he

at this point i took the joysticks off them to make sure they didnt do anything wrong

this was all done at the xbox dashboard

it signed in just fine

i redownloaded 2 map packs from his history

onto my console

and started gears of war 2 up

he was showing as rank 1 instead of 49

my profile was fine showing as rank 18

if you pulled up the guide his gamerpicture was missing and score showed at 0

this happened a few times every time we tried

it even did it after going to avatar editor

i then signed him out and moved his profile to my hd

went to sign back in and there was 2 profiles for him

1 on hd

1 on mu

both profiles worked

and i deleted the one from my hd

and everything is working fine now

im unsure if this is related to something going on in the background due to the new update

im signed up for the beta but it hasnt gone live yet

just thaught i would let someone know

its the weirdest thing i have ever seen

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Seeing status code 80153065 when trying to access Marketplace?

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Well, I rang Xbox Live customer support again and they told me that in coopertation with New Zealand authorities they are enforcing a new policy that under 18s cannot download content. They could not specifically tell me who, however they will be emailing me in 48 hours when they have this information.

It seems that some new law must have been passed, but I haven't heard anything about it. I told them that not all content is unsuitable for under 18s and that there will be a huge backlash from Xbox Live users because lots of them are under 18.

I urge you to ring up Xbox support, cancel your xbox live subscription and tell them why to boycot this new barbaric law. They will be forced to do something about this if enough people cancel. I will post details of the authority once I receive my email. Spread the word!

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Are you Reach Ready?

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Just wanted to tell everyone at microsoft that  Halo : Reach  is a flop.

I waited for this game to come out and all i got inreturn was the feeling i was being made fun of.

1. Halo waypoint wants me to play every crappy halo game ever made or else im incomplete.

2.  Halo : reach  wants me to play every crappy halo game ever made or else im incomplete.

3. Halo: reach  keeps showing me the new x-box 360 as if im out of style  

4. Halo: reach  has too many network problems,  game play is interupted way to often.

5. More than half the mutiplayer maps are maps i allready played a million times in Halo 2.

6. I can go back and play Call of duty: modern warfare 2  and not have any ofthese problems.

7 you guys really need to figure this out because next time i wont buy from microsoft.

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